Boketto Collection 

Pillow Decor x Petra Kaksonen

Printed on a soft, light gray felt fabric, the Boketto Pillow Collection features bold, minimalist patterns that are uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into a wide range of decorating styles. Like the Japanese word Boketto, which loosely translates as ’the act of losing oneself in a distant gaze'.

“Having lived in Japan and grown up in Finland, nature has always played an important part in my designs – finding beauty in simplicity and enhancing our everyday life and rituals. I mainly work with paper creating original cutout collages that I use as basis of my designs.

"I love simplicity with a twist – whether it’s a play with colour or scale, I always leave room for surprises.”

“For the Boketto Collection, we wanted to create pillows that brings warmth, comfort and cheerful Nordic elegance to any space - from tiny cabins to gatherings in family rooms.” Petra adds.

The Boketto Pillow Collection features four unique designs in four colors and can be viewed and purchased online at or