Vancouver-based designer and art director Petra Kaksonen

Hello, I'm Petra!

A Vancouver-based designer Petra Kaksonen has more than 20 years of graphic design and art direction experience in working with clients in Europe and North America.


Inspired by simplicity and functionality of Nordic design, Petra designs minimalist art prints and patterns for interior textiles and products for modern homes and spaces.

In the heart of every projects, there are great people with a strong vision; Petra believes in fostering long-term partnerships and collaborations with global partners – creating together well-loved, beautiful everyday products.


Petra grew up in Finland, where she spent her childhood running around in Marimekko polkadots and stripes – clothes made by her fashion-forward, feisty Karelian grandmother – igniting a deep passion for bold patterns and textiles. Petra spent her teen years traveling around the world and especially her time in Japan and Africa left a lasting impression.

Petra's work has been published in several publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, and the Vancouver Sun. If you are looking for a creative collaborator or are interested in partnerships and licensing, come say hello! 


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