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Petra Kaksonen's Recycled Throws Featured at Salone del Mobile

I was thrilled to find out that my recycled throw blankets that I designed with New York based in2Green were heading to this year's Salone del Mobile also known as Milano Design Week. I was featured as part of five-designer collective in a curated exhibition about sustainability and circular design at Isola Design. Talk about excitement!

The only problem was that I was not going to be there –why not, you ask? I have no answer for you.

The Salone has been on my wish list for years now and every year I swear that this will be year that I will head to Milan but alas I didn't, did I? The FOMO was real. The beautiful setting! Milan in full bloom! The afterparties! People dancing on the streets! And all the beautiful, fabulous designs, objects of desire, people. Sigh. And missed it. Again.

Misery of my own doing.

(But I do blame it a tiny bit on living in Vancouver--we are simply too far away. From everything and anything. Well, not from trees or bears or stunning nature but you know what I mean.)

So, in the light of the reality not being in Milan, the only thing left was for me to search/follow/stalk every inch of Instagram to get a glimpse of all the fabulous events, products – and my own throws. There they were displayed among design giants from around the world. The throws looked beautiful. I felt proud to be included; having your products out in the word never gets old.

See you in Milan next year!

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