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Burritt Bros x Petra Kaksonen luxury rug collection for modern homes

Designer Petra Kaksonen's newest collection is luxury rugs made in collaboration with Burritt Brothers Carpet and Floors, a Vancouver-based, locally-owned, family-operated business that has been around since 1907.

Details on the Metsa and Kaari rugs – hand-knotted from silk and wool in Nepal. Colours are rich, dark blue and gold.

The 'Metsä' (Forrest) rug collection includes three modern designs – Virta, Kaari and Metsä – with beautiful, rich colours from deep, dark blue and gold to cool, calm grey.

For more information and to view the collection, please contact Petra or Burritt Brothers.

Virta rug is hand-knotted from silk and wool in cool, grey tones.

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