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Paradise is here–welcome to my Finnish hideaway

A local newspaper Karjalainen wrote a story about my beloved cabin in North Karelia in Eastern Finland. Originally a taxi cabin in the city of Joensuu, I salvaged this little gem a few years ago and had it moved to a piece of land close to my family.

Filled with treasures from my trips and travels, this place is truly my happy place during summer; nothing makes me happier than stream of kids, dogs, family drop by for an afternoon fika and treats. And of course, there's the sauna, the silence and solitude, the afternoon naps, swimming in the lake and the endless long, summer nights. Paradise indeed.

Here's a link to the story in Finnish and more photos.

All the textiles and furniture are old and used – and very much treasured. All the fabrics are vintage Vuokko Nurmesniemi from my grandmother. I love found objects, texture and colour--there are no design rules in this cabin!

I love gathering for dinners and afternoon coffee with family and friends. I built the table and benches from salvage wood – with help from my family.

An old, rustic bike is must for getting around.

My beloved treasures from around the world. Everything holds a story.

Photos by Tanja Pekkarinen


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