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Pillow Décor to offer new line of Japandi style pillows by designer Petra Kaksonen

Finnish designer, Petra Kaksonen, has been turning heads in recent years with her colorful, contemporary patterns that have been showing up on everything from pillows and rugs to bags and bedding. Now, in collaboration with Pillow Décor, Petra is making her mark with a new line of Japandi-inspired throw pillows that she calls the Boketto Collection.

For those still unfamiliar with the term, Japandi refers to the increasingly popular fusion of Nordic hygge and Japanese Wabi-sabi design. It is a fusion that takes the common Scandinavian and Japanese appreciation of simplicity, nature, and the beauty of imperfection, and reflects them with a design aesthetic in often subtle but unique ways.

Printed on a soft, light gray felt fabric, the Boketto Pillow Collection features bold, minimalist patterns that are uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into a wide range of decorating styles. Like the Japanese word Boketto, which loosely translates as ’the act of losing oneself in a distant gaze’, Petra has created patterns that soften and relax the eyes.

“Having lived in Japan and grown up in Finland, nature has always played an important part in my designs – finding beauty in simplicity and enhancing our everyday life and rituals. I often work with paper, creating cutout collages that I use as the basis for my designs. I love playing with color and scale, leaving room for surprises,” explains Petra.

“For the Boketto Collection, we wanted to create pillows that bring warmth, comfort and cheerful Nordic elegance to any space – from tiny cabins to family rooms and larger gathering spaces,” adds Petra.

Petra Kaksonen is one of several designers featured on Pillow Décor supports independent artists and designers, helping them manufacture unique throw pillows that can be marketed to both retail and wholesale buyers. Petra’s Boketto Pillow Collection features four unique designs in four colors and can be viewed and purchased online at or

About Petra Kaksonen

Vancouver-based designer, Petra Kaksonen, has more than 20 years of graphic design and art direction experience, working with clients in North America and Europe and Asia. Inspired by the simplicity and functionality of Nordic design, Petra designs colorful, minimalist art prints, patterns, and products for modern homes and spaces. Read more at

About Pillow Decor Ltd. Pillow Decor is a manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of decorative throw pillows. Pillow Decor’s website,, offers consumers a large selection of quality throw pillows in a wide range of colors, styles and designs. Pillow Decor’s wholesale division supplies pillows to the retail, hospitality, promotional and special event markets. Pillow Decor’s head office is located at #101-196 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y1E9, Canada.


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